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Teksti on enkuksi koska osa kaveripiiristäni jotka tätä voisivat lukea eivät puhu suomea.

1. For him who already has everything

– Trooper to J4. Spoke the man wearing tight fitting, black suit. He looked at the man front of him wearing brown untidy shirt and black pants. – So, Are you SURE about this report?
– 100% sure. And whatever it is, it’s big. Spoke man on the other side of the table. His skin was dark blue, almost if it were black and slightly transparent. He wore black and grey colored hooded cape that covered almost entirely his body.
Two men, were sitting at the table which had hex shaped game board, resembling what in certain worlds is known as a chess game.
Man with a suit eyed a hologram document next to the game board.

– You tell me that there is some new underground gangs running. Why exactly should I be more concerned about this than anything before?
– Let me remind you Mr Shagwa that it was you who ordered the investigation for possible assassins for your predecessors and Senators murders. General to B2! Dark skinned man said.
– The incidents were not random nor unplanned. I recommend you to take some serious actions and strategy planning before things go any worse.
– You said they were done by Bladron terrorists. Shagwa spoke. – We made the loyalty programs for everyone who want to follow the law and for those who don’t want, we have this “Gawa’s Fist” group. Do you know why they don’t do their job and keep the other Bladron clans in order?
Tank to G2, Challenge!
– Mr Shagwa. You seem have no idea about Bladrons nor the situation we are dealing with. We are not dealing with mere brutes or drunkards here. The other man laugh. – General to G2.
– I didn’t expect that move Mr. Digosh. Sacrificing your own General for a king at this moment. Spy to G2. Shagwa said. – Well then, what do YOU know about Bladrons? He said and locked his view to Digosh.

Digosh sipped from his glass next to him and exhaled deeply.
– Gawa have no idea what’s going on. Digosh said. – The loyalty program is practically dead thanks to Monrey’s grandfather Andrew Scraba. Companies are firing or replacing their Lilidran workforce, your police forces treat locals like criminals even they haven’t done anything and top of all, Yellow Cube tells about activity in Gawa territory but it’s not Gawa. Artillery to A1, Challenge.
– Lilidrans are unreliable people, so closely dealing with Bladrons, some even shelter them. Andrew have told me that the Bladrons are trying to infiltrate into megacorps and then unleash a wave of terrorist attacks from inside. That’s the very reason the police is acting like that. Shagwa said – Speaking of Gawa, if that activity is not of Gawa then who the heck are they? Gawa don’t let nobodies just wander in their land.
– People call them just as “THEY”. Digos said. – I don’t have hard evidence but my guts says they’re the ones behind the recent assassination of Senator of Biitran, and your predecessor.

He paused for a moment laying his eyes to the ceiling.
– When Andrew Scraba announced the discontinuation of Loyalty program for Lilidrands because it’s not "beneficial enough" I smelled trouble. It’s not good for corporations nor common peace. Now many people who don’t do well enough may fall for unregistered Bladron clans that are spawning left and right, more and more people getting being hunted by police. There are already no go territories in Red Zone of Threm because of this development. With your permission the government is blessing Scraba Co on this path. You are making a monster inside your own borders.
– Assuming your intel is correct. What do they aim to? Shagwa asked. – They are Bladrons! Criminals and terrorists who cares nothing but destruction and anarchy. King to J3!
– You say that like it’s the answer when it’s not. We have been on upper hand this far because of disorganization of any criminal elements and Gawa in our leash. Digos said. – Bladrons are much more than just stupid grunts destroying everything. Some may be but there are ideologies, culture even independence is being talked. They are people mr Shagwa with their needs.
– Be careful how you speak Digos! Shagwa replied sharply. – You speak against what the Unified Idrana Party is saying. Almost like you have sympathy towards those savages who wish to turn even our good citizen against us. And you know anyone supporting a Bladron is Bladron himself.
– Mr Shagwa. That’s just UIP propaganda and you if anyone know that! Digos snapped back. –This far Bladrons have been just small gangs easy to contain and control because the millions of Lilidrans and Gawa keeps them in check. But now more rebellious material is appearing. Gawa is not the king of underworld anymore, not that he admits the fact anyways, but you know what would happen if ever new leader would appear in place of him for Bladrons and Lilidrans? King to I3. – Defeat! Mr. Shagwa.

Digos got up from the table and gave purple data chip to Shagwa. – It’s late, almost 2 in the morning. Choice is yours sir minister but don’t think too long. I'm afraid that before this week is over you will pick a call where someone loses his head just like what happened to Senator. You have been warned.
He turned and left the room.


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