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Novellit Fantasia Witches of the Night (fourth part of the story)
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Witches of the Night (fourth part of the story)

Chapter 7 Amethyst Carrier
On the next day, Eve went to her teacher´s house. Daphne lived in an old, stone-walled mansion. The front door was almost covered by wines. Daphne opened the purple painted door. She held a watering can in her hand. She smiled to Eve. Then she said: “Hi Eve, come on inside. I was just watering the flowers.”
“Alright, I´d like to come inside. I have a lot of things to tell you. You won´t believe that what has happened to me.” Eve said.
“I have time to listen to you dear. We can go to the kitchen. There, I will make us some tea and biscuits.”
Daphne´s invitation sounded tempting. Eve followed her teacher. She took a seat opposite to Daphne. Soon Daphne carried a tray full of food and laid it in between them. She gestured Eve to take biscuits and tea. Eve did so. Then, she told Daphne about everything that she´d been through.
Daphne was sorry about what Eve had experienced. She took Eve´s hand and squeezed it. Eve looked into her teacher´s eyes. Eve asked: “What do you think?”
“I think that you had a great luck along with you. You didn´t die in the desert, which is a miracle in my opinion.”
“Okay. Do you have any idea that who my attacker was?”
“I have no idea. He wasn´t the Shadow Man, because I sent him away. If you fear and believe that he still exists, he might return.”
“Yes, the ghosts feed on human life energy. You are right Daphne. I should forget the Shadow Man for good.”
They shared a moment of silence in between them. Then, they took more tea and continued discussing about protection in magic and witchcraft. Daphne showed her spell book to Eve, who told she wanted to borrow it. Daphne agreed. She asked Eve to return it to her after one week. The reason being that Daphne needed to have the book. She used its spells to protect and bless her own life.
They moved to sit in Daphne´s garden. There, Eve met the Amethyst Carrier. He was an elf, who guarded the garden with a piece of amethyst in between his hands. Eve asked that where had Daphne obtained the marvellous elf statue. Daphne told her that she had bought it from an old woman, who was a witch.
Eve laughed. She appreciated Daphne´s effort in trying to become enlightened. Daphne was more active in penetrating into supernatural world than Eve was. Eve looked at the Amethyst Carrier, who smiled at her. The elf seemed to be able to heal their problems with his presence. Eve wondered that who had made the statue to gain powers.
After one hour, Eve was ready to leave. She informed her teacher that she had to go. Simeon waited her to give him his dinner. Daphne said that she was glad that Eve had come to see her. She said that Eve was welcome to see her again anytime. They embraced each other warmly, before they separated.

Chapter 8 Dream Catcher Birthday Present
Eve returned home. She found the house to be empty. Stephanie was still staying in the countryside. She hadn´t phoned or sent a message to Eve, who found it a little strange. Eve looked at the calendar on the kitchen wall. She noticed that her birthday was tomorrow. She didn´t hold any party with guests. She was going to celebrate her anniversary with Simeon in the house.
The cat sat on top of the kitchen table. He descended on the floor and walked towards his feeding cup. The cat began to eat the meat sauce that Eve had just added to the plate. Simeon expressed his gratefulness by rubbing his side against Eve´s leg. Eve cosy when she picked him up and fondled him. The pet´s collar included a blue glass sphere. Eve had given it to him as a gift from a witchcraft store. She meant the stone to protect Simeon.
After drinking a cup of chamomile tea, Eve was ready to go to sleep. She carried Simeon to upstairs in her own room. They slept together until the morning. Eve woke up at ten o´clock. The sound of the doorbell forced her to rise. She decided to open the door.
It was Daphne, whom she confronted. Daphne held a present in her hands. She handed it to Eve, who took it. “Thank you so much for remembering my birthday!” Eve said.
“How could I forget that it is your birthday today? It´s just a small gift, so please open it.” Daphne said.
Eve unwrapped her gift. Inside the box, she discovered a dreamcatcher. It was made up of white threads and it included gemstones. She considered it to be pretty and she thanked Daphne again. Her teacher advised Eve to hang the dream catcher above her bed. Eve was convinced that dream catchers worked. She was going to follow Daphne´s suggestion.
Daphne was invited to enter in the house. Eve offered her coffee and ice cream. They enjoyed the sunny morning together in the balcony. Daphne took out a deck of Tarot cards. She was going to do a reading for Eve. Eve had nothing against it. She was interested to hear that what her teacher was going to tell her.


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