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Novellit Fantasia Dancing Under Moonlight (Chapter 5)
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Dancing Under Moonlight (Chapter 5)

Chapter 5 Priestess of the Moon
Kaori was deported from the village after she was accused of black magic. People said that she hexed an innocent young woman, who was pregnant. The woman lost her infant before she gave birth. Kaori was blamed for the accident. She was said to have poisoned the woman´s blood, so that her baby died.
Kaori left without crying. She vanished from the camp on the same evening. They didn´t keep her in the village any longer. The men brought her to a patch in the forest and left her there. That was how the tribe abandoned her.
After hearing about her involvement in child murder, Nebu couldn´t believe his ears. He denied her guilt. He cursed the men, who took away Kaori. He ordered their necks to be cut by his security advisors. Nebu´s order was fulfilled. No one dared to refuse the will of the living half god.
Nebu returned to his throne. It was a stone seat, which included handles and a back rest. He viewed he forest ferociously. He didn´t believe that he´d ever see Kaori again. He believed that she was killed in the forest. Those men, who murdered her, deserved to die. It was Nebu´s last will.
Kaori recovered on the forest patch. She lay in the grass and her face was stained in mud. She sat up and stared at her own dirty palms. She wasn´t a child killer. Now she wanted to curse her former tribe. She got up and started to walk toward the trees in front of her. She heard the trees calling her name. She heard voices whispering in her head.
She arrived on the root of a giant rock. She decided to climb on top of it. She was able to make her way on the top. She followed the stone steps and grasped the wines. She discovered a wooden staff on the edge of the cliff. She picked it up. Kaori stood holding the staff. She gazed over the landscape.
Her eyes distinguished a full moon shining in the blue sky. The goddess in the moon embraced Kaori´s heart. She knew that she was the chosen high priestess of the Crow Goddess. A voice began to pray inside Kaori´s mind.
I am Priestess of the Silver Moon, Kaori and daughter of the Crow Goddess. Nothing can scare me, because the goddess protects me from all evil. I kindly ask you Great Celestial Mother to send to king Nebu the good news about my dedication to be at your service. Please let him know that I am still alive. This is all I ask of thee My Great Goddess.
Kaori smiled. She knew in her heart that she was in favour of the goddess. She experienced her heart releasing its burdening thoughts. She became free again. She was free of love and hatred. Kaori would never sell her heart to anyone. She sold her soul to the devil instead. It occurred before she even knew it.
She was seduced to think in the wrong way. She gave up on trying to win Nebu to her side. She thought that the king was an easy catch for her. She could use Nebu and take advantage of his leader´s position. It was her decision. Kaori surely knew that what she wanted.


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