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Sunset in Her Eyes (Part 2)

Chapter 6
Millie entered to the old attic in their home. There, she discovered a piece of broken glass on the floor. She picked it up. The green-coloured glass looked intriguing in moonlight. The light beams shone through the window of the roof. Millie knew that the glass had been part of a vase. She´d accidentally broken the vase by dropping it on the floor. There was only one piece of the vase left. Jason had cleaned the rest of the mess earlier.
Millie walked towards the balcony´s doorway. She opened the two glass doors. Now she saw the moon and the ocean behind the garden better. The scenery looked fantastically beautiful. Jason forgave her for the accident. He claimed that it wasn´t her fault that the vase was gone. It was bought from a flea marker anyway. So, he said that it didn´t matter. Millie was taken by Jason´s empathy. However, she never took him for granted.
Jason loved her for her politeness. He enjoyed making her to feel a bit uneasy though. He loved to test her guts. They were equally strong. They completed each other perfectly. They didn´t realize the perfection themselves, until it produced them happiness. They believed that such bliss was possible. It was only due to their freedom.
She came to the balcony. She sighed. While leaning against its metal fence. She was tired, because she hadn´t drank any blood for hours. Feeding was necessary for her. She had to obtain blood as soon as possible. She feared drying out. Imagining that how painful it could feel. It wasn´t hard for her at all.
Millie could transform into a bat and fly away. She could cross the entire sea. If she wanted to. She could go fishing. If she felt thirsty for blood. The fish had blood vessels too. Millie knew that many sea creatures did. She considered the option of departing. However, something kept her close to Jason. She was unwilling to go without him. Together they´d be safer.
She had to decide. Quickly, because there was no time to waste. Millie flew over the edge of the fence. She took it on her wings. She was surprised that the air could carry her so easily. She was almost sure that her take off would have failed. Sometimes it did. It happened so, when she wasn´t ready to hunt and kill.
Her weird desire kept her moving successfully in air, land and water. She flew along with the birds. She frightened the birds. So that they moved more hastily forward. Millie headed to the open sea. She was going to catch some fish on the way.
Jason still sat in his coffin. Suddenly, he felt cold shivers. They descended along his spine. He sensed her absence. Where had she gone? Sometimes Millie tested his patience. He couldn´t bear the thought of losing her ever. Staying in separation weakened them both. They knew it only too well. Not to stay far from each other for a long time.
Millie flew toward the moon. Its white beams shone on her. She felt attracted to the beauty of the sky. She wondered what it would be like to travel to distant stars. In her mind, she painted the sky for many times. She wasn´t afraid of the vast space. Instead, it made her to feel easier to breathe.
Yet, it was nothing compared to the experience of killing. Sucking blood was more ecstatic than thinking of the emptiness of the sky. She needed to gain new blood soon. It was the condition of her survival. Jason was just as bad.
He possessed even more violent side in his nature in comparison to Millie. Millie didn´t enjoy seeing him to kill other beings. She found the activity quite sickening. It wasn´t until her nose detected the smell of blood that her desire arose.
Millie was tired of the mess that they made with the corpses. They didn´t always see the effort to clean up. It depended on the case. They didn´t want to get caught by humans or other vampires. Millie and Jason had enemies in both parties.
Millie had often considered her addiction to killing. She was educated by Jason. She got caught in the moment so deeply that it took her over. She was dependent on her experiences of taking innocent lives. She stole them. Like she was a thief in the night.
She held the hearts of her victims. Before she killed them. Millie did it. Just as mercilessly, as Jason did. They both were used to it for many years.
Millie missed Jason´s company. He was her best supporter. She was the center of Jason´s attention. It was Jason, who taught her everything. He gave her the information that she had to know. He gave it to her for free.
His politeness touched her heart. She was surprised that he did it so generously. Jason never charged her anything for his help. She was his child pupil. Until the truth dawned on her. She learned to survive on her own.
Millie came along very well. She owed her thanks to Jason. In fact, she worshipped him. His advices had always benefitted her. He stood by her side along every step of the way. Jason possessed a true heart. Millie loved him. She considered him to be a natural born smartass. Besides, he was a killer.
Chapter 7
Millie returned from the sea. She had feasted on the sea creatures´ blood. It took her all night to find a plenty of fish blood. She caught one shark and slaughtered it. She blinded the beast with her bare hands. Then, she embedded her fangs to the shark´s carotid artery. She emptied all the blood that flowed out of the enormous monster. Millie´s thirst became satisfied for a while. She returned to her home.
Jason was inside his coffin. She stepped inside their home at dawn. The first rays of the sun appeared in the horizon. Then, she closed the door of their palace. She came to the corridor after the hallway. She heard Jason´s snoring from the neighbouring room. He sounded loud and deep. She didn´t intend to wake him up. She knew that he might become easily irritated in that case.
Millie noticed that she had a bunch of seaweed left in her hair. She removed it with her wiping hand. Millie saw the algae landing on the floor. It was dark green and full of pearls. Millie imagined that what it was like to curl beside Jason. He was her favourite bedroom mate.
They had shared the same coffin. When she became a vampire. Jason offered his comforting presence to her already on those early times. A tear appeared in the corner of her eye now. As she thought of their good dreaming times. Millie ascended the stairs to the attic. She knew that her coffin was there. She would lie down in it soon.
It was her place to sleep alone. Without Jason she felt incomplete. Millie moved silently. She didn´t choose to disturb his sleep. She wished him a good night in her imagination. Then, she entered to the attic. The air inside the room was cool and fresh. She smelled the scent of blue violets. Jason had spread the flower petals all over the floors on the previous night.
She smiled. She never imagined him having visited inside her room. Before she saw the flowers around her coffin. She went to sleep inside her bed. Then, she closed her eyes. She crossed her arms across her chest. She looked, like an ancient pharaoh´s corpse sleeping calmly.
She slept until morning came. It was Jason´s face, which she first saw. After opening her eyes. He smiled to her. He possessed the most magnetizing green eyes that she´d seen. Looking into his eyes made her to feel that he held the entire universe. His eyes were bright and green. Jason appeared to look happier than in ages. She enjoyed the sight of his smiling face.
Then, Jason´s hand swept gently her cheek. He pushed a lock of her hair aside. Contently, she closed her eyes. Her cheeks were blushed. Jason fulfilled Millie´s dream. He kissed her lips. She saw the colour of Jason´s lips to be cherry red against his white complexion.
She didn´t open her eyes, when it happened. She felt a burst of stardust exiting from the middle of her chest. It was her heart, which she felt.
The unforgettable moment passed quickly. She heard his voice speaking to her. His soft words touched her heart again and again. Jason was a skilful magician. She felt the touch of his magic wand. She loved to listen to him. He could charm anyone, he wished.
They possessed a similar sense of humour. Jason blew bubbles of fantasy in the atmosphere. She caught them one by one. They were like spheres of hope that he donated to her. She felt thankful for his help. He showed her all the possibilities. She didn´t even know that they existed.
She took his gifts, but not for granted. Millie was careful enough not to spoil it. There was a time and a place for everything. She believed so. She saw his meanings. They were pure. Millie was tired. Her love for Jason weakened her. It distracted her concentration. She was disturbed by it. She would have liked to be able to think clearly.
The beautiful moment contained infinite sadness. The time was deep in both ways. He took her hand. She felt like crying and laughing simultaneously. Jason knew how to pull her strings. She received his gifts. Since, it was how his presence appeared to her.
She rose up. She walked to the balcony. The scenery was magnificent. The Milky Way arched across the sky. She would have taken a picture of it. If she had a camera. She viewed the stars. Her vision was as far-reaching as the magnification of a telescope. She never needed one, because of her acute sight.
Millie blinked. She stretched her thin arms up in the air. She yawned, like a cat. Suddenly, she felt Jason´s arms around her. He pushed his arms underneath her arms. Then, he acted like he owned her. He gave Millie a kiss on her cheek. She blushed once more.
They were a couple clearly. They had a bright future ahead of them. It was as they saw it. They needed no help from outsiders. They felt complete. They´d found a way to heaven on their own. They had learned to fly. It was easy for them from since the beginning.

Chapter 8
Jason whispered in Millie´s ear. His voice tickled her earlobe. He asked her: “Shall we go to sleep next honey? I still feel tired.”
“Yes Jason. I´ll join you.”
They entered inside the coffin in the attic. It fitted them both easily. His arms kept holding her close to him. She fell asleep first. They lay against each other for the entire day. Jason drew the lid over their coffin. Before he fell asleep. They were protected inside the wooden box.
While sleeping, Millie dreamed of sunset. She stood in the balcony of her home. She gazed the sea. The horizon behind it, was orange and pink. There appeared the golden orb of the setting sun. The red sky reminded her of her passion.
She held a passion for beauty and special kind of magnificence. Nothing was impossible for her to achieve. A sight of the setting sun empowered her soul.
The danger was over. Millie was free. She saw her enemies falling along with the sun. His breathing she felt against her skin. She woke up. She was relieved to notice that Jason was still present beside her. She was safe and content beside him. She curled, like a kitten in his embrace.
He kissed her hair. She whispered: “what time is it?”
“I haven´t got no clue. Do you want to rise?” He asked.
“Yes. I think so.”
Jason let her go. He allowed her to exit from the coffin. She walked to the balcony again. The sky looked purple. It was only illuminated by the moon and the stars. They had to go hunting soon again. They must do it on every night. Otherwise, they´d become starved.
Jason followed her. He found her in the living room. She was dressed in a black dress. Her dress included a plenty of lace and ribbons. She looked like a gothic bride in his opinion. Jason noticed the gleaming jewel in her necklace. It was a hexagonal diamond. It was her source of psychic powers. It matched her purposes in his opinion.
She gave him a secretive look. Smiling, he came to her. He pressed his lips against her mouth. They shared the union in between them. The experience was deep in between them. Jason held her in his embrace. She wasn´t a small bird in need of his protection any longer. She was equally strong as Jason.
He also sensed her strength. He was at peace. It was his intention. To make her strong and powerful hunter. She leaned her head against his chest. She felt his cold skin through the thin shirt. Jason wore a white tee shirt. His torso was hard and cold, like stone. She was used to it.
She heard his heart beating. It throbbed loudly, like did his blood veins. His emotions were heated and strong. They were warmer than his body. She sighed. She was moved by his physiological reaction. How much Jason saw empathy towards her? It was amazing, how warm he was. She thought.
He took her hand. He placed it on his shoulder. Then, he put his other hand into her hand. They began to dance slowly at first. She let him to lead them. Her ear rested against his chest. She loved listening to his heart. She closed her eyes.
Somewhere, there was music playing in the background. They saw birds flying near the high dome. The birds gathered above the couple´s heads. They encircled around and above their heads. It was as if the birds wished them good luck. Those small birds brought the couple even closer to each other. They shared a kiss once more. Then, they continued dancing.

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