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Novellit Jännitys & toiminta Sunset in Her Eyes (First Part of the Story)
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Sunset in Her Eyes (First Part of the Story)

Chapter 1
The sunset painted the rooftops of Los Angeles with a golden hue. It was the home city of many immortal angels. The chimneys spread their smoke. It spread all over the sky above the city. Millie Thompson´s palace was one among many splendid buildings.
She led the lifestyle of a princess. Spending her assets on whatever she chose to. She surely had money and gold. To purchase any expensive clothes, food, perfumes and furniture to her home.
Her home was stolen property of one of the richest landlords. Millie killed the lord before overtaking his place. She even continued to run his businesses. Draining him from his blood, was like sport to her. She enjoyed torturing him to death. More than she should have done.
A true monster lived inside the young woman. Well, she was five hundred years old. Yet she possessed the looks of a sweet and innocent sixteen-year old.

Millie sat on the rooftop of Jason´s apartment building. Jason Lee was her best friend. They smoked weed together. She sat leaning her back against the cold chimney. It´s metal surface was warmed in sunlight. After the sunset, it became cold. The sunset had already passed. The moon became visible. It was the waxing gibbous crescent in the eastern sky.
While blowing the smoke, they enjoyed watching the sky. The city below appeared lively with its countless lights. The buzzing traffic produced sounds continuously. Jason wore a pair of black sunglasses. His black, silky hair was combed to the back of his head. He looked stunning in many girls´ eyes. He possessed the looks of a true charmer.
Only Millie held his heart. She was his chosen woman. He loved her big, blue eyes and black, straight hair. Many outsiders mistakenly thought that them as twins. It didn´t bother them. Jason wore a black tee shirt and a black overcoat along with black trousers. His belt included pyramid clothing studs and silver chains. He was a perfect modern-day goth.
Millie´s costume consisted of a sleeveless purple corset and a black mini skirt. She wore high-heeled boots in her legs. A portion of her long hair was tied to the top of her head on a ponytail. Her hair extended down to her buttocks. She wore dark eye shadow and wine-coloured lipstick. She looked like a teenage witch in many people´s opinion.
Suddenly, he began to talk. He said: “Millie, whenever I look at you, I see the sunset in your eyes.”
“Thanks for telling me that. I know that my eyes are yellow. I can´t help it.” She replied.
“I didn´t mean that they look yellow. I meant that your eyes are beautiful like the golden sunset.”
There was a break in their conversation. She rubbed her nose. It itched, because a mosquito tried to suck her blood. Instantly after tasting her blood, the insect died.
“Alright. Don´t our eyes look much the same when they turn yellow?” She continued.
“I bet they do.”
“I miss your smile also.”
“Can I kiss you?”
He leaned closer to her. Their lips touched. She felt a burning sensation, when she was against him. His presence felt magnetizing. Kissing him, felt like the best dream, which she´d seen in a long time. Millie was proud to be the girlfriend of a Rockstar. His fame never bothered her. However, she was concerned about Jason´s safety. Many other vampires were jealous of him. They also wanted to hurt Millie.
Millie wasn´t afraid of the future. She saw it as bright and promising one. Unlike Jason, Millie never played electric guitar. She didn´t even possess an acoustic one. She liked to paint pictures instead. Her atelier was the attic room of her tremendous house. It included all her finished and unfinished works.
She created her paintings out of many different subjects. One thing was in common for all her works; they included red colour extensively. Usually, she painted the sky red. She also painted red butterflies, birds, roses and other plants. She painted reddish flames and bonfires. A common event was fire overtaking the entire world in her painting.
Those, who saw her works, thought that she was a natural born psychic. Millie was familiar with visions that she received. They appeared to her in dreams and during the daytime. Sometimes they bothered her.
She slept in the underground compartment of her country house. The cellar was the coolest and darkest place. Within its stone walls, she found shelter from the sunlight and heat.
At dusk, she rose from her coffin. The coffin was her own deathbed. She´d brought it from the cemetery. She liked to keep it in the cellar. Jason also had his coffin stored in his living room. No visitors except for Millie, ever entered his home. Therefore, no one, but she, knew what was in there.
After a while, he started talking again. He said: “I think that smoking weed is like a joke to us. We don´t get stoned as easily as mortals do.”
“It could be. Although I feel highly intoxicated already. It feels like I´m out of my body.” She explained.
He didn´t share her laughter. He blew puffs of smoke out of his lungs. Then, he offered the bong in her hands. He said: “C´mon, here you take this now!”
She accepted it first, but then rejected it. Nausea crept in her throat. She´d been smoking too much on that night. She informed him that she needed to get some rest. He told her to rest her head against his shoulder. Millie agreed. He kissed the top of her head after it occurred.
He concluded that she was too tired to go to the club. Usually, they went there to hunt. The night club was full of delicious human blood. They thought it as heaven on earth. It was only too easy for these two gorgeous vampires to kill teenagers in the club. They could seduce any drugged beings that they wanted to possess.

Chapter 2
Millie came to her senses. She had fallen asleep next to him. He woke her up after fifteen minutes. He had smoked all the weed that he had brought. The bong was empty beside him. He whispered in her ear. “Alright, it´s time to go home now. I´ll drive you to your place dear.”
“But I´m unable to walk. I cannot get up. My legs feel numb.” She complained.
“It is a common effect of smoking weed. You shouldn´t do it if you don´t feel like it.”
“Thanks for telling me that. Now it´s too late. I really can´t move my legs.”
He forced himself to stand up. His own legs felt weird also. Then, he pushed his hands underneath her armpits. He lifted the girl up with one supernaturally strong pull. She returned to her former strength as well. They had to leave. They were thirsty for blood.
On the way to his car, she told him that she could come to the club. He gave her an unbelieving look. Then, she showed to him that she could walk on her own. Millie made a curve around the front of the car. She walked in front of the door next to the driver´s seat. She pulled the door open. She sat down without saying anything to him.
He sat down in the car also. Looking at her, he said: “I saw that you could walk. I believe you now.”
“Fine. Let´s go to the club then.” She told him.
He nodded his head. He started the engine of the vehicle. He drove them from the parking lot the street ahead. The club was situated just a few blocks away. He wasn´t concerned about being drug-tested by the police. He didn´t care.
She dug her eye shadow from her purse. She began to apply it to her eyes. He turned on the volume of the radio. It was Jason´s song, which they played. Its title was “Forgotten Memories of Doom”. Jason always sang about vampires and what they did to people. He wanted to be honest with his audience. He exposed their secrets to humans openly. Millie admired his courage. She wouldn’t have done that.
Jason was braver than she. Eyeshadow powder fell on her lap. She wiped it away with her index finger. She put the case back into her bag. Then, she observed the scenery through the window on her side. People were selling and buying drugs on the streets. There were kids among them also. She and Jason also sold drugs.
They weren´t any different from the other youngsters. Jason noticed a truck through the rear mirror. The truck was approaching them from behind. It was going to pass them on Jason´s side. He guessed that what was inside the truck. Its side included the logo of a big warehouse. The truck was transporting goods from storage to a shop.
Jason let the truck to move past him. Its driver paid no special attention to the couple inside the car. However, he noticed Jason´s yellow eyes looking at him. The observation made him to panic. He turned the steering wheel accidentally towards Jason´s car. The two vehicles crashed against one another.
Jason stopped his car. The truck driver came out of his seat. Terrified, he ran away from the two vehicles. He was too scared to return to his car. On the way, he phoned the police´s number. It took about ten seconds before he received an answer. It was the chief deputy of the station, who picked up the line.
Jason and Millie came after the truck driver. Jason caught the phone from his hand. While he did the talking, Millie handled the driver. She bit his neck and sucked blood out of him.
Jason´s voice sounded soothing in the deputy´s ears. He recognized the Rockstar´s voice within few seconds. He was honoured to talk to the celebrity. Jason told him immediately about the accident. The deputy took him seriously. He promised to send his troops to check the situation. Jason told him that the truck driver had mysteriously disappeared. The police believed him.
The deputy apologised to what Jason had gone through. He promised to do his best in terms of taking care of the legal aspect. Jason sighed. He closed the line. He looked into Millie´s eyes. Her eyes were black and full of concern. She had just killed the truck driver.
They had to get rid of his corpse before the police´s arrival. The couple lifted the driver by his arms and legs. They carried him to the woods. There, they lay him down on an opening. Then, they set him on fire. The corpse was burnt to ashes within twenty minutes. The couple laughed.
They returned to their car. They saw the lights of the police officers´ vehicles arriving towards them. Sirens screamed, like ravens. The vampires stood calmly, when the police started to question them. Their faces revealed nothing about their dark and hideous past. The vampires manipulated the officers´ minds effortlessly.
They gave answers to the police´s questions. However, they didn´t talk anything more than was necessary. The policemen seemed satisfied with the answers that they got. They wrote down them also. Millie and James were asked to coma to the police station for further questioning. The vampires didn´t refuse it.
They arrived at the station in a police car. The officers led them into an empty room. There, the couple sat down opposite to the deputy´s chair. He was sitting in his chair already when they arrived. His eyes looked tired, since it was way past midnight. The chief in his mid-fifties took out a file. He then opened it.
The file contained forms that he handed to Millie and Jason for filling. The forms included their personal data. They also had to describe the events accurately. Millie and Jason did as they were told. They remained peaceful and in control of themselves throughout the interview.

Chapter 3
They were permitted to leave at two o´clock in the night. The deputy told them that they were not guilty for the accident. He said that the police suspected the truck driver to be the cause of the crash. Jason took Millie´s hand when they left. They ran out of the station joyful and free. The deputy smiled while he watched them moving out through the doors. It never occurred to him that they were vampires.
They headed to the nearest fast food restaurant. They saw its neon signs flashing from the banner along the roadside. The restaurant included five other customers. An old man looked at the couple of vampires, when they entered. He frowned. He suspected them of their purity and innocence. He saw that they weren´t honest. He disliked their gothic clothes and jewellery also.
The couple went to the counter. A female worker served them on its other side. She gave them two chicken burger meals alongside with the drinks. Then, the couple took their order. They headed to the vacant table. They didn´t pay much attention to their environment. Jason winked to Millie, when she took the first bite of her burger. She smiled to him.
“This crap tastes good, but it´s no better than blood.” She said.
“I agree with you dear.”
“Congratulations on the successful interview. We were allowed a free passage out of the station. I´m surprised that they let us go so easily.” She said.
“It went perfectly Millie. Congratulations to you to.”
They continued eating. Suddenly, the same old man stood up. He walked to them. His hand knocked on Jason´s shoulder offensively. Then, he said: “Freaks like you shouldn´t stay here for very long time.”
“What´s your problem old man? Just let us to eat and then we´ll leave.” Jason replied.
Millie gave the old guy an eye. She disliked him from the start. The old man shook his head. He didn´t leave them in peace. Instead, he continued to irritate Jason. He took Jason´s food tray and threw it on the floor. The move made Jason to reveal his evil side. Jason´s hands grasped the man´s throat. He began to strangle the man with a serious intention to kill him.
Millie watched from her seat. A vicious yellow fire burned in her eyes. It was the sunset before mortal´s blood would be shed. The old man looked directly into Jason´s eyes. The sight of the paranormal irises caused the old man to choke faster. Than he would have done otherwise.
The old man cursed Jason before he died. He died after choking to his own blood. After killing the him, Jason rushed out through the window. He broke the window glass on his way. Millie followed Jason. She exited through the main door. Stepping on her high heels over the shards of glass, her eyes searched for Jason. He had completely disappeared out of her sight. She called his name. There was no answer.
Jason was gone. She walked, until she came to the neon banner in front of the place. There she viewed the empty dark road ahead. The silent eerie wind blew over her face. Suddenly, the girl felt Jason´s hand landing on her shoulder. She turned towards him. He noticed a tear in the corner of her eye. She looked like a victim of torture. Someone, who had been through a lot.
Jason swept a lock of hair from covering her face. Her eyes searched hope from his gaze. She found not hope in Jason. Not better than what they were together. Jason suggested: “C´mon let´s go.” She came along. Without rejecting him, she allowed him to take her hand.

Chapter 4
They went to Jason´s apartment. He invited Millie to come over there. The hallway was empty, when they arrived. Jason´s cat came to greet them. It was an orange-furred Persian cat with blue eyes. The rare eye colour of the cat´s eyes interested Millie. The cat was called William. She picked William up to her embrace. William purred in return to her favour. Millie said: “He is so cute. When did you have him? How old were you?”
“I was only nine years old, when I found William on the street. He was a stray cat. I pitied him. So, I took him.” Jason replied.
“I love your story about William. I love this cat!” She jeered.
He took her seriously. He saw that Millie was more compassionate towards animals than he was. She was skilful with animals and many other things. He thought. The apartment was silent. They noticed it. They felt happy and calm, like they had nothing to worry about. William placed his hands on her waist. He wanted to kiss her. She turned her head away. She wasn´t in the mood for showing him physical affection.
He didn´t care. He forced his face closer to hers. Then, his lips pressed against her lips. He kissed her for a long time. After their lips separated, he spoke again. “You belong to me dear. Have you ever thought of it?”
“I get it Jason. I don´t know that where will this lead?” She said.
“I will lead us. Don´t worry about it. I will take care of us.”

She acted, like she believed him. In reality, she didn´t. She never trusted anyone. Loving a man was something of secondary character to her. She had other things to take care of.
Millie noticed William´s head rubbing against her foot. The cat did its best to gain her compassion. She leaned downward in order to pat the cat´s head. Her gesture made the cat to purr even louder. Jason watched the two of them. He was glad that his cat got so well along with his girlfriend. Yet, he was upset with Millie´s reluctance to have sex with him.
“Millie, I don´t know that how long will we last.” He said suddenly.
“What do you mean?” She replied.
“I meant exactly, what I said to you.”
“I don´t know.” She said.
They didn´t know the answer. He put his hand on her shoulder. To his surprise, she didn´t withdraw. She remained standing in the same place. Jason attempted to kiss her again. He failed, because she turned her face in another direction. He understood her message. She wanted to spend some time alone.
Suddenly, her head turned towards him. He saw that her eyes were full of tears. She had tried to cover them from him by turning her head away. Now she was in the mood for talking to him. She said: “Jason, don´t you find it revolting to have sex with an immortal woman?”
“No, I don´t. How is that possible?” He answered dryly.
“I find it weird myself. We are immortals and sex shouldn´t be a part of our lives. We can´t have children. Don´t you remember?”
“I forgot it.”
“It´s okay. Shall we try it then?”
He became excited. She was the only woman, whom he would have. He embraced her. Then, he kissed her lips. She responded to his kiss. Their kissing united them again. They felt like they became whole again. They needed nothing from the world outside them. The world was all theirs anyway.

Chapter 5
They woke up in the same bed. It was Jason´s coffin, which fitted them both. The time was at two o´clock. It was six hours after the sunset. She curled against him. He was still asleep. Yet his hands were intuitively guided to embrace her.
She murmured in her sleep. She was dreaming half asleep. Through her state of dreaming, she sensed his presence. She was too tired to open her eyes.
Jason saw the top of her head. He wanted to move outside of the coffin soon. He pushed its lid aside with his both hands. Some light was allowed through the windows. The full moon illuminated the sky entirely. He enjoyed the cool, white light beams. They fell over his forehead. The moonlight felt healing against Jason´s cold skin.
He got up next. She remained sleeping inside the casket. Jason walked to the window. He looked outside. He noticed the garden. He adored its beauty. The moonlight made it to appear even more fascinating. He combed his hair backward. A part of his hair had fallen over his face. Jason looked thoughtful. He was wondering about the place, where they would go hunting together.
She rose slowly from the coffin. She looked pale and crleepy. Her eyes shone as two golden sunsets in the darkness. He didn’t find them any different from his own eyes. She asked: “What were you thinking?”
“I don´t know. I´m not sure.” He replied.
His answer reflected that his mind was absent from the moment. He was drifting in a different place than their common reality. It didn´t bother her though. Millie was just as much an escapist as Jason was. She pitied him. He was more sensitive than she. She crawled out of the bed. Her black dress was made of lace and satin. She was a perfect gothic princess with all the attributes. Moreover, she was a vampire.
Jason also wore black from head to toe. They enjoyed looking like leaders of a teenage cult. They belonged to the pop culture and industry more than they knew. Before Jason´s fame began to influence their lives. Well, he was used to it. He was used to receiving roses and thorns from the public that he´d encountered.
Wherever he went, there were always fans and people watching him. They wanted to see him, to thank him or to challenge him. Whatever Jason did, his fans worshipped him for his behaviour. He was their icon in every possible way. Surely, Jason was aware of his popularity. He knew how to manipulate his audience. Like they were poppets.
He knew that mortals loved him for his coldness and aloofness. He was considered a cool character according to their standards. People from all over the world came to see his concerts. They didn´t judge his cruelty and the openness of his lyrics. Jason wrote all his songs by himself. He also composed the notes for all the pieces. His professional work in music industry was widely recognized.
She exited through the door. Jason noticed her absence when he turned around. He saw that the door was open. He heard her steps moving down the stairs. He wasn´t sure that if she wanted to see him. Yet he followed her. He found her in the living room. She sat on the couch. She held a small mirror in her hand. Her other hand applied makeup to her face.
Jason broke the silence with a loud “ahh” yawning. He was exhausted by her exit from the room. She seemed to think quicker than him. It didn´t bother him. However, it made him to become restless. She noticed his uneasiness. Smiling, she continued to lay makeup on her skin.
After her eyes were ready, she looked at him. The eyeliner made her eyes to appear wider. She had applied it earlier. They looked two times bigger than without makeup. Jason gave her back the same staring. She asked: “what´s wrong?”
“Are you ready to go outside soon?” He replied.
“Yes I am. I am ready to leave on anytime.”
“Fine. Let´s go out then dear.”
He kissed her before they left. The air outside was cold and harsh. The wind blew over their faces. They weren´t cold. As immortals, they didn´t experience the temperature. Not in the same way, as living beings did.
The couple headed to the woods. Their path was accompanied by the owls´ singing. Bats flew above their heads. They weren´t frightened of the wild animals. The two vampires desired to drink human blood. They had fed on rats and cats before. What they really needed, was human beings. It was only a condition of their survival.
They knew it. They did all in their power to fulfil their evil purpose. The couple pranced through the woods like wild horses or cats. All the animals flew out of their way. Finally, they arrived in an opening. There, a river flowed on their left side. Rocks rose high above the ground on their right side. They viewed the scenery for clues.
For a moment, they lost their sense of direction. She suggested that they´d follow the river bank. He came along with her idea. They continued walking along the bank. He took her hand. Moonlight shone over their faces. He said: “I love you Millie. I hope that you know it.”
“I also love you Jason. I just think that you are too demanding.”
“What you mean?”
“I mean that you want us to keep searching for happiness outside ourselves.”
“We need blood dear. It is our nature. A thing, which we can´t change.”
“I know, but our love could change it all.”
She noticed a tear appearing in the corner of his eye. Her words affected his heart. She wanted to console him. Yet she didn´t know the way. Things could never be the same in between them. They were different for good. The two of them had to fight for survival for the rest of their lives. They had to kill. They did so, in order to survive.
They continued walking, until they reached the edge of the forest. Then, a field appeared in front of them. At the other end of the field there was an old farmhouse. The two vampires knew it to be full of sleeping humans. Their cattle moved restlessly in an enclosure next to the house.
The vampires were merciless. They moved closer to the house. They were ready to kill the animals and the people inside the building. They couldn´t help their instincts. Desperately, they needed to gain blood.


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